Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Link roundup

I mentioned Dicentra (bleeding heart) in my last post.  Beautiful Wildlife Garden has a nice post about native bleeding hearts, which apparently are a good food source for hummingbirds.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a ruby throated hummingbird checking out my nonnative bleeding heart last week, so I guess that's not a total fail even though it isn't native.

Going further back, there was also a recent post on Beautiful Wildlife Garden about black gum as a shade tree.  There is actually a black gum cultivar ("Wildfire") with particularly attractive fall color.  For people who don't want to plant yet another maple, this could be a nice alternative.

Finally, it's the time of year for flowering of robin's plantain, a small, spring flowering aster.  I only recently learned of this plant, but my father has successfully propagated it from collected seeds and says that it does well in moist, partly sunny locations.

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