Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Link roundup: Wild quinine, buttonbush, and more

I have three happy links and two depressing links.  That's an overall positive, right?  I'll put the happier ones first.
  • Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens has a post singing the praises of wild quinine, which is native to Virginia.  I haven't grown it before, but now I want to.
  • Using Georgia Native Plants talks about buttonbush, which is also native to VA.  It has an unusual flower and is great at attracting pollinators.
  • Native Plants with Adams Garden recommends surrounding your vegetable garden with a native plant border to attract pollinators.  What a clever idea, and it looks pretty too.
  • If I just stop mowing, can I get a wildflower meadow?  This post from Beautiful Wildlife Garden suggests not, since you may instead be overrun by invasive species.  However, it will depend on what grows in the surrounding areas.
  • Finally, this isn't a new article, but I ran across it on Pinterest recently.  Here are some depressing statistics on how much land in the US has been lost to human development and the negative repercussions thereof.  It makes a strong case for the importance of planting native species in one's suburban yard to promote biodiversity.

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